Construction Law

Actively Seeking Resolutions When Construction Law Concerns Arise

When issues involving the construction of a home, school, office, roads, sewer lines, or other structures arise, they need to be addressed as efficiently and effectively as possible to minimize losses, damages, and dangerous situations.

At Loghry Law, PLLC, your construction law case will be handled personally by attorney Ryan Loghry, who has over eighteen years of experience representing owners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in construction law and other legal matters. Mr. Loghry’s focuses are his clients and achieving an outcome to the case that suits their best interests, needs, and futures.

Construction Defects

Mr. Loghry handles commercial and residential construction defect cases of all types, including building code violations, defective roofing, foundation problems, flashing problems, water intrusion and related toxic mold, improperly prepared or compacted soils, faulty wiring, and more.  He can help you investigate the issues, identify who is responsible for them, and represent your interests in mediation, arbitration, or in state or federal court.

Contractors, Liens, And Permitting

There are many contracts and other documents that are involved in a construction project. These documents often involve strict timelines and detail the responsibilities of the owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. When the terms of contracts are violated, payment is withheld, defects are claimed, or mechanic’s liens are an issue, you need the help of a qualified and knowledgeable attorney to ensure your rights are preserved and the liable party is held responsible.

Take Action On Construction Law Issues Now

Having an attorney on your side can make it easier to understand your options in construction law issues and disputes. To learn more about how Mr. Loghry handles these cases, send him an email or contact his Nicholasville office at 859-305-1101.