Understanding Kentucky divorce laws

Understanding Kentucky divorce laws

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So much for spending quality time together. Spending every day in the house with your spouse has finally done it. Those cracks in the marriage that you papered over for years are evident for all to see. You need a divorce, and you need it quick.

If you want to get a Kentucky divorce, you need a basic understanding of the laws. You can hire an attorney for the details, but it helps to have a general idea yourself.

Does my spouse need to agree to the divorce?

No, one partner can file for divorce.

Do we need to live apart first?

You can start divorce proceedings when you are still living together. There will be a 60-day waiting period where you do need to live apart. If that is not possible, then make sure you do not have sex with your spouse for at least 60 days.

Do I need a reason?

You can’t stand the sight of your spouse? That is reason enough. If you believe your marriage is irretrievably broken down, that is all you need to say. You do not need to dig up those pictures of them in bed with their boss 10 years ago.

How long do we need to have lived in Kentucky?

One of you has to have been resident in Kentucky for the last six months.

My spouse says we could try a legal separation first, what is it?

Think of it as a temporary divorce to give you a chance to be sure. After a year, you can turn it into a real divorce. You both need to agree to this, unlike a divorce which can be brought by one person. It has advantages and disadvantages.

While filing for divorce may appear straightforward, there are many things to settle and negotiate. An attorney can give you invaluable advice.